Mugged off….

So far in the short journey of the Observant Alternative, we may have touched one or two little nerves with some of the content we have published, but that theme will continue as will the alternative opinion on subject matters like this one.

What happened? Why did things or why do things get more expensive without us realising? Or when did it become okay that we keep getting mugged off?

In January 1981 the average price of a loaf of standard white sliced bread (was there anything else other than standard) cost thirty six pence, but today the average cost is £1.08.

I’m bored already!!

So let’s funk this up a little shall we?

How many varieties of bread can there actually be and I am not talking about brand here either – it is quite frankly an insane amount, ridiculous amount whatever you want to describe it as.

Somehow, somewhere, someone came up with this idea of putting bird seed in 982 varieties of bread – why?

Due to health benefits of Trill apparently – said who?

You know who eats this stuff? Yes those in that age bracket, you would think that due to the nature of ones teeth at that age, these people would think twice, but because they read it in a rag top newspaper, it’s the done thing and its three grand a loaf!

The other people, bizarrely are the younger generation early twenties into early thirties, or the gym bunnies as I refer to them!

This lot can’t get enough of it and whilst they keep eating this nonsense, it will keep being produced, but more on this sort later in a future blog.

How has the cost of bread got that high? Seriously!

I remember my own mother sending me up the Happy Bopper (not a sic error) on my BMX when I was kid for a loaf of the green Sunblest – absolutely full of ridiculousness!!

It was 55 pence!!!

Isn’t all of this nostalgic, because I wont be the only that remembers Sunblest Bread.

And why is nothing English now or British? No wonder we are paying through the nose for utilities, namely Gas and Electric, because it has to travel miles to get here – only small amounts of it come from the UK.

This really gets me, because unless you went to the University of Energy and studied a degree in Energy Supply, with a separate course on how to read an energy bill, you will never know and even if you did, they would make out it was something different to put the cost up or justify the cost.

This is an absolute outrage as far as I am concerned and they are allowed to get away with it – Ofgem regulate it of course, but I still think it isn’t transparent and understandable to normal people.

We talk about putting food labels on packaging to make it clearer and so people make better choices and have better diets, but just because people have no choice and have to have an energy supplier people just go along with it and not challenge providers.

What about these absolute morons that stand in the middle of town centre’s selling it?

Hassling anyone that will listen to them – you wouldn’t trust these lot with boiling an egg hardboiled, let alone sorting your energy out. You walked past them twenty minutes prior to walking past them again with the same answer – are you thick or what mate? I just told you twenty minutes ago to clear off and you have just asked me the same question again – what a pleb!

These lot need to be more like the lads that work for the Satellite TV Firm – these lads just sit there watching TV all day and getting paid for it.

How expensive is that though? It’s one of them though isn’t it, whereby you have to have it, especially if you like sport.

Mind you, I did have to phone up a few weeks ago as the remote had broken and me being stupid, I thought given how much I pay this lot every month and for years, may be they would send me a new remote for nothing!

On this thought I duly did call them and got this lad, that clearly has a spoiler way too big for his car and fluorescent lights, like he’s driving around in a tanning centre.

I went through the whole story with him, you know as you do with these people, trying to make them see sense – do you know what he said?

‘You wanna go Argos innit’. I said ‘you what’? and he said it again, like I didn’t hear the cretin the first time!

I was in disbelief – ‘you wanna go Argos innit’.

When I was a kid, we didn’t have it and I could never fathom why, when I had mates at school that were so scabby and poor, yet they had the dish on the front of their house, all big and proud!!

Now I can’t cope without it – I am climbing the walls if it ever went down, or when we moved house and couldn’t get it installed for 2 weeks.

It’s that bad now, you look at people oddly when you ask them if they watched a certain thing and they say no mate, ain’t got it! Sorry? You have that car brand with an extended warranty and you watch channel one to four every night?

I have to be honest, I would rather bike everywhere than have that car and not have proper television – it’s absurd!

I have to say the cost is also absurd, because I remember paying thirty five knicker back in the day, when I could get it for myself and lived on my own, now I pay treble that and for the telephone sport channel.

That gets me that one – what a rip off that is!!

Their company business cases must be interesting to read and I bet the top line is..


It’s true, my own bill has doubled since I first had it and they charge you every time you even dare to watch it – it isn’t value for money whatsoever!

Again they know people will have it, because they want to watch the Champions League and they hold the rights.

It doesn’t end there though does it? Online streaming services are everywhere to compliment the satellite TV offers – it’s a different playing field compared to back in the day when we progressed from just four channels.

And why do our corporation make us pay for Channel one and two – what an absolute joke.

The last time I watched anything on channel two, I was four years old – what an absolute swindle featuring way too many seventies entertainers for me.

Do they not realise that the programmes broadcast on those channels are dreadful, even worse than a two for one meal at a low grade eatery.

Mind you by the time you have paid your unexpected quarterly TV License, that’s all you can afford to eat when you go out – so much so Brian is in there with his dickie bow on.

You say ‘alright Brian, what you doing in here’, he responds, ‘same as you lad’, then you respond ‘have you forgotten about your quarterly TV license bill as well?’ 

Absolute swindle, it really is.

You have to apply for a free one if you’re over seventy-five – what’s the point of that? If you’re seventy-five you are asleep most of the day!

What is it as well at minute, with the now popular ‘Netflix and Chill’ phrase frequently used by the UK population? It’s the same old story though in my opinion, whatever the US do, we have to follow – I am still incredibly surprised we don’t write the date back to front like they do, we have everything else through to Black Friday.

One thing is for sure, you won’t go into the more upmarket chain eatery that gives you Council pop in a brown stone bottle, like they are being generous, to then see staff high fiving the desert being ready for them pair in that age bracket on table 65!

Talking of Council, what about the old fashioned Council Tax – this one angers everyone, unless you live in a Vicarage or don’t pay Council Tax due to some legitimate reason.

Not paying is so serious they can put in prison for it, which I find an interesting thought – ‘what you in for mate’? ‘Non-payment of Council Tax, mate!’

You know the joke of this is, well it’s not a joke, it boils my urine truth be told, people blame their Local Council for putting Council Tax up each year – these people are absolutely clueless if they think that is the case.

Local Councils are on their knees financially due to austerity and budgetary cuts, so they have their hands tied behind their backs, and that’s the reason why they stick it up every year, it’s the truth.

Like most, I hate paying it, absolutely hate paying it, particularly when it doesn’t provide me any value for money!!

When I resided on my own, it made me that angry, I didn’t pay by bank transfer, or over the phone, I used to go in every month and pay it cash just to cause them an inconvenience – this was before austerity measures came in too.

So some months, I would pay them what I thought they deserved, for example – if my bins weren’t emptied, I knock money off, or if the kerbs hadn’t been cleaned, I would do the same!! Of course I had to pay it in the end and now I just can’t be bothered to have the argument every month!

I went in the main Council Office once (this isn’t a joke either) and there was a bloke, about mid to late sixties, stood with his wheelie bin complete with house number, at reception emptying its contents bit by bit on the floor – why? Apparently he was incensed that the refuse technicians hadn’t emptied his bin, due to there being recycling waste in the bin! I kid you not, this man despite his age, needed a medal, because he actually attached his trailer to his car (not a three lettered branded car with lengthy warranty) and took his bin ‘up the council office’!! Absolute ledge!

His wife clutching at him saying ‘alright George, we’ve heard enough now, we’ve heard enough’!

The security guard was next to useless and fell about laughing as well.

Why do we pay for water? Think about that for a second.

Where does it come from? The sky – so why do they charge for water that comes out the sky?

This is a complete and utter outrage – disgusting behaviour.

If we bottled it straight from the tap (which you wouldn’t as its rank) and sold it out the front on a hot day, we would get knicked – so why can they do it?

Everyone is now going, well it’s because it’s treated you moron – yes I know!

About fifteen years ago, I know someone that was that angry how much council pop cost after he moved to the UK, he tested the water to check on its quality.

More on that in second..

You know when you go to Spain, they tell you not to drink the water don’t they? Why do they do that?

‘Apparently’ it’s because the water wasn’t fit for consumption, so if that’s the case, why do BRITS ABROAD, continually have ice in their cocktails? Or eat salad that’s been washed in the water? What do they think? Oh it’s been line dried in the sun it will be okay! Absolute melts these people!

Anyway, all those years ago, the PH level in our council pop, was not that different to the water we don’t drink abroad – I know several people that tested it!!

To be clear, I am not saying it’s safe to drink the water on holiday, but just a point that our water wasn’t much different all those years ago – I have no idea of its quality now of course, but ultimately in comes out the sky and they charge us for it.

Back to the council pop taste for a second – some of you may drink gallons of it out of the tap, that’s cool, but the taste is absolutely appalling – it’s like drinking swimming pool water full of chlorine and chemicals.

If you opened a litre of the French stuff and it tasted like that, would carry on drinking it? No you would not – so why do we pay for it?

One final thing, Insurance – relating specifically to car insurance.

Great that we have more choice than ever to insure everything you could ever think of and you can do it online in flash nowadays.

However, where on earth did customer loyalty go? Savings for repeat customers?

Oh no, hang we’ll chuck it up for them come the renewal – when did this ever happen before the emergence of comparison sites? And since when did it ever become acceptable to treat every customer with the same attitude and not individually?

I remember my own Mother going into her local insurance shop, yes a shop – how mad is that and she went there forever, until the owner retired!

This shop was like an old turf accountant shop and what is a turf accountant? I know it’s a bookmaker, but turf accountant – I wonder if this is a term created for people who are in that age bracket?

‘Where are you going Tony’? ‘Just popping to the turf accountants Jean, wont be long’.

Anyway it wasn’t a turf account it was a dark wooded insurance shop with copies of Exchange and Mart present on the side.

Her insurance never went up, in fact in came down (I fact checked just before writing) – so what has gone on?

If they stopped doing these stupid adverts, insurers wouldn’t have to keep putting the costs up for the normal people, because the comparison sites keep putting their costs up due to stupid adverts!!

Same old story though isn’t it?

They know you either have to have it, or they monopolise a market, so consumer choice does not exist, so you have it at said price without going elsewhere, like the telephone operator sports channel.

You know what I say? Keep causing these lot an inconvenience, give them something to think about more often – the occasional little victory never hurt, even if it’s a draw, it still doesn’t hurt.

You know what else and all else fails? Go Argos innit!!

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