Premier League Review – Matchday Two

Well, well, well, lets kick this weeks review off shall we?

Worst Team – Arsenal, yet again, because Norwich losing at City was a foregone conclusion frankly. Arsenal, with the players they have and after being out thought and outrun by Brentford the week previous, I expected much more, but they did the opposite and well incredibly tepid yet again.

Best team – Was there any performances for best team this week? City smashed Norwich, which for me, as I said above, was inevitable in my opinion – so I am going to give this weeks best team award to Brighton and Hove Albion, based on the fact their manager has never once deviated from is methods and philosophy.

Villain of the Week – Mikael Arteta – enough said!

Hero of the Week – This too was a difficult one! Jack Grealish got off the mark with his first City goal and continually puts in a good shift, unlike the greedy one currently sitting on the bench. However, all this said, I am going for Danny Ings, Take a bow, son – what a finish. Ingsy, is a great player, he is so honest and has a great attitude to boot.

So, just a quick summary then…Oh an I am staying continental, not only with the matchday thing, but also sitting outside a coffee chain with a pastry and flat-white.

Arsenal in huge bother with no wins from two games, which is dreadful business, but they will bounce back and improve, otherwise Mr Edu and Mr Arteta, might find themselves on the wrong end of Boris and his mates’ universal credit.

Mind you, his mate up at City was back with a bang against Norwich, which was sort of inevitable as I said earlier, which will of course irritate Norwich Fans dearly, but Daniel Farke is some guy isn’t he?

Brucie up at Newcastle has job on his hands getting a shift out of Joelinton, dear o dear! Can see them battling all see season and purely because the owner isn’t interested in the football club and see’s it as a burden, consequently not funding Steve Bruce in the transfer market.

Another great guy, or appears to be, Thomas Frank. Brentford got another point away at Palace, so they have had a cracking start to life in the Premier League.

Palace on the other hand….

Rafa, Rafael, Rafa, Rafael, Rafael Benitez!

What a belting game this was to be fair. Leeds are such a well drilled outfit and they run and run for fun, so anyone visiting Elland Road will be in for a tough time of it. Rafa needs performances and quickly from Everton and this was a good point I feel, for the reasons highlighted above.

Across Stanley Rec, JK will be absolutely purring at his Liverpool Team, who clearly look fit and strong. Young Harvey Elliot has to be admired for such a mature performance in his first start and Klopp deserves credit for picking him and being brave to pick him. Virgil looks every bit the player he was before being chopped down by Pickford, who seems delighted still at that!

It still amazes me that Man Utd paid more money for Maguire that VvD, and he couldn’t do Virgil’s boot laces up. Maguire is an absolute liability for United – do you reckon Greek Police know who he is?!

Another fans favourite, Sean Dyche, he does so well up at Burnley with absolutely no money and on a 1970’s budget. They always start so poorly, so hopefully they get a few early points to relieve some of the stress!

Someone chat me through Adama Traore – how has he been attracting interest from top clubs with a big fee? I don’t see that and on this showing against Spurs, he isn’t worth 87 pence quite frankly – he cost Wolves dearly.

Spurs look well drilled don’t they under Santo and he is just going about his work quietly, but not sure that will last. The situation with the ‘model pro’ Harry Kane is unwanted, and Kane deserves everything he is getting thrown at him at the minute.

Are Southampton going to regret letting Danny Ings go? The young kid they got in from Chelsea looks tidy, but Adam Armstrong score enough goals with Che Adams?

Southampton were totally resilient against Man Utd and Man Utd came a cropper didn’t they? I like Ralph. Have Man Utd now got too many billy big timers? On this showing, I would like to think they have.

And what is Paul Pogba? A footballer or a Brand? He needs to get a grip and start being the role model he ought to be.

I am surprised at Leicester City’s start, because they got absolutely bullied here by West Ham – Soyuncu was absolutely dreadful and Antonio had him in his pocket. WHU are building something here and about time as well really given the facilities and the investment over recent years. Rodgers has his work cut out, on this showing, but he will get them firing, no doubt about it.

Chelsea – wow! They are clearly the best team in the league, not only in ability, but the way they are structured and drilled is just phenomenal. The way they outplayed Arsenal was just something else, Arsenal didn’t get a kick in the game.

It was as professional performance as you are likely to see this season, which is something Dave and Tony can only dream of putting together for Jag Colts under sevens.

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