Premier League Review – Matchday Three

Here we go then..

Worst Team – Well that’s easy enough, isn’t it? Arsenal! I had them down to sneak one in this game, but what the hell happened!? They got mullered, they didn’t even turn up and were appallingly let down by Xhaka yet again – he is so average, he makes it average look even more dull!

Best team – Unfortunately, this goes to Man City, its hard to look elsewhere when they gave Arsenal a hiding.

Villain of the Week – Mikael Arteta – AGAIN enough said and he is edging closer to Universal Credit.

Hero of the Week – Thomas Frank, again. Look at Brentford go – he gets it bang on tactically and he deserves enormous credit for what he is doing and such an honest guy as well.

Arsenal are in massive trouble, three games, Zero Points and Zero Goals – dear o dear! They can’t even say they haven’t any money this preseason either because they absolutely have. They just look so disjointed and so bad – its unbelievable! Leno looks like his days are numbered as well and how many chances does Granit Worktop need – such a liability!

Man City look okay and this result proves they were right not to sign the ‘model pro’, to replace the much loved Sergio! Will Torres fill that void all season I wonder? No greedy one again, was there? That makes me laugh and the fact he is being picked for England when he can’t even get in this City team.

Villa and Brentford up next – Villa have spent the Grealish money haven’t they, but questions remain, have they spent it wisely or done a Spurs when they had the Bale money! Buendia notched his first goal, which was a great finish to bring them level. The game did lack substantial quality at times, which may have been part of the plan from Brentford – I think this was a fair result for both teams.

Everton put on a solid Rafa style performance at Brighton, well organised and well prepared is the words for it. He(Rafa) has made some shrewd signings to be fair and eyebrows would have been raised at the Andros Townsend signing of a free.

Brighton never got going in this game and struggled up top and never really tested the arrogant Pickford – I’d love it Rafa puts him in his place, because as we know, he is ice cold towards his players.

Graham Potter will get them back to winning ways, he is too good a manger not to in my opinion.

Southampton deserved a point after dominating this game, or largely dominating the game. It was a sucker punch that they fell behind so late in the game, but they got a pen which JWP slotted. Newcastle should worry, because if Wilson isn’t fit, you cant see where there goals are coming from quite frankly and with thrill a minute Saint Maximin, they do have an edge about them up front.

You worry for the charismatic Farke on this form Norwich are showing. He is another manager that is sticking to his philosophy and you hope that he doesn’t come unstuck sticking to it. Their equaliser was cancelled out, which was a shame because they battled like mad to stay in the game, but it just didn’t happen and they remain pointless.

Leicester still haven’t found that rhythm either and they seem to huff and puff their way through this game. They have a great squad of players, no doubt about that and they will get some form.

This kid Palace got in from Chelsea looks the business and he saved Palace in this game. It was a belter of a game as well as being a London derby, which added to the spice. WHU will see this as two points dropped really and will be incredibly disappointed with themselves. One bonus is the continued form of Michail Antonio – he looks incredible and will make West Ham seriously difficult to defend against.

The final game was the tea-time game, which I rather enjoy the Saturday evening game, was Liverpool and Chelsea. It was a difficult game to predict, especially as Chelsea won the last game they played at Anfield with good performance.

Liverpool came out the blocks and looked superior and had it not been for Mendy, would have been out of site. Then what happened? They switched off at set-piece and Chelsea scored through Havertz headers. What made me laugh about this, was people were lauding it, when clearly, he never meant it and it was a clearly a flick-on.

Then the changing moment – Reece James decided it was his turn in goal after seeing enough from Mendy, Salah, then buried the pen.

Chelsea never change do they? Players chasing the ref, acting like absolute melts, including the manager – it was a red card all day long.

Moving to Sunday, Leeds got a point with a late goal from Public Schoolboy Bamford(he does though, doesn’t he – look like a Public Schoolboy I mean) he would be right at home batting number four for England! Dyche will be seething as well having led for so long – he did reckon though the draw was ‘pleasing’. God help the players, that’s all I think that needs adding. Leeds needed the point because they seem to have lost some momentum from last season.

Sonny notched for Spurs in his 200th game for the club to ensure they maintained their start to the season, despite being utterly drab for most of the game. ‘model pro’ still not turned up yet has he? Watford do carry a threat going forwards and they just didn’t take chances, had they done, they would have been out of sight in this game. Something tells me they will stay up this season, but not without a real battle.

Lucky, lucky devils!!

Man Utd I mean – they were poor again and they need some CR7 influence by the look of it. They were never in the game, Wolves battered them and thanks to David de Gea, Wolverhampton didn’t score. Mind you de Gea’s technique leaves a bit to be desired in my opinion!

There was a contentious decision around the foul, which it was in the build up to the goal Greenwood scored, but it stood and Ole escaped!

Now the stupid International Break is upon us – utterly ridiculous! Who plans this stuff – whoever it is cant be a football fan, because watching international football is so dull, even more dull that test cricket!

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