Deliberately No subject: – Version 1

Seriously, just stop….

I have pages with listed items of what I intend to write about in the future, and the difficult thing is picking the one thing that has got my heckles up in that particular moment.

I am also increasingly concerned, on a more serious note, that I have written about everything that has irritated me and not really spoken about serious matters, that we are facing in the world today.

Mind you, this isn’t a diary!!

Is plastic in oceans a really serious matter, or Global Warming for that matter?

We, the world, are mindful and conscious of these types of matters, but we seem to get caught up issues that, whilst might be pressing in certain people’s minds, is it really the most pressing issue?

Is it not so short-sighted that we are ignorant of so many other things?

For instance, we have these snowflakes that stand outside Whitehall protesting about the ‘planet heating up’ at a rapid rate, but why are these people not standing there kicking off about their grandparents’ state pension? Its beyond me, it really is!

We are so busy in this country and I don’t mean busy, as in busy at work or busy getting your fence creosoted at the weekend, I mean busy shoving our nose into everything that doesn’t concern us.

What is it with these people? They create hysteria needlessly its rife in the Public Sector, absolute rife – they lurch from one drama to another, but then forget what their job title is and what their job description contains.

Oh clear off will yer!

Its these lot that play buzzword bingo in a virtual meeting, you know who it is and if its you, get your nose of other people’s business and concentrate on your own job and delivery of that job!

Local Councils are struggling to deliver services and vital services at that, not just grass cutting, just of those people that think it’s just that – but yet we have Brasilda and her mate Anthrax standing outside Whitehall protesting about the fact that they haven’t been heard about their views on Whaling or because a Polar Ice Cap moved three inches.

All jokes aside you lovely individuals, I could have saved you the journey to Capital, had you told me in advance, because Karen on Facey B is undeniably so knowledgeable on such matters and it would have meant you could have used your Universal Credit on eating, rather than wasting more time and resource waving a banner about.

Listen, for the record, I am absolutely not ignorant of the fact that these protests mean a lot to people and equally their protests are for causes that need to be highlighted and addressed.

You what else? I am equally in no denial that we’re are merely renting the world we live in and it doesn’t belong to us, so we should look after it more carefully and protect it.

I just don’t sit here, rightly or wrongly, researching into how much plastic goes into the North Sea per week or every year, because for me, like a lot of us, there are more pressing matters.

The North Sea, that’s funny one isn’t it? I see people bowling about on the beaches associated or in the sea itself and I am thinking, ‘mate that’s utterly disgusting’! That would be like having a pee in the bath, and rolling around in it like some beached whale for half hour – not that there is anything funny about beached whales, because they cost a fortune to dispose of for your Local Council.

There is something unappealing about brown dirty water isn’t there?

Or appealing – whatever the case maybe!

Boris and his mates talk about going Carbon Neutral by 2050 – I mean what is Carbon Neutral and more importantly who on earth gave it that name?

Listen, I am not stupid, I get the meaning of it, I am just be facetious, but at what point do these people sit in these meetings and dream up this content?

Someone somewhere sets the agenda and the tone for these meetings, and the joke of this is, they are paid an absolute fortune to do that job, but never follow any item through to conclusion.

Imagine, if Steve, with a PH went to work, set an agenda, got an agreement to commence and then went, ‘nah, not enough budget, so we won’t deliver it’, he would get absolutely mullered.

So, anyway, you combine all of those salaries sat in a room, for let’s say, two hours with ten key Stakeholders, as they like to call themselves – you add that up now and they reckon there is no money to cut grass!!

The Key Stakeholder thing, that’s an utter joke and that only happens to make people feel important.

You know what they do, they have a hierarchy, they have Senior Key Stakeholders and Key Stakeholders – just for clarity.

What they are actually are, is luke warm urine in a plastic cup, not champagne in a tall glass, like they think they are.

It totally bores me, and I am speaking from experience, trust me on that!

Just before I head back to Carbon Neutral by 2050, I want to give you a little idea, for those that don’t realise, of some of the terminology used in these meetings, just for a bit of laugh.

Phone TennisEngagementWorkshopUpcyclingGranularEmbryonic
TransitionalReciprocalConceptReverse EngineerHierarchicalMobilise
Sweating the AssetBlended ApproachRamificationsBat and Ball some ideas aroundDynamicOptimise
TangiblePercolateFeed in toNavigateLensedPurist Task
Blue ChipPinch PointBlueSky ThinkingCognisantSteering(as in a group)Governance

The people that sit in these meetings are the sort of people that say ‘knock, knock’, but they are already in the room!!

Or they walk in a go, ‘sorry guys, I don’t want to be an agenda bender, but…’

Any way Carbon Neutral, doesn’t that sound like a Febreze Air Freshener now you come to think about it?

Or some sort Cologne or Perfume that some old dear sprays you with when you walk through Bloomingdales in New York City.

So, Boris and mates have pledged that they will cut Carbon Emissions to ZERO by 2050.

First off, let’s hope there isn’t a Tory Government around long enough, because these lot are like pickpockets and a drain on resource as it is.

Secondly, whatever this Zero Carbon Emission thing means to Joe Public, I bet it costs us all in the long run!!

Thirdly, don’t bet, and if you do bet remember, when the Fun Stops, STOP.

Let’s have a couple of little facts that will mean a serious consequence for us should they push this through and deliver – it’s unlikely, but let’s see.

A ‘clamp down’ in consuming meat – brilliant, rationing roast dinners.

Flying is also on the agenda – fantastic for those that like to travel, what a decision.

There are a number of other things, which pale into insignificance compared to the ‘clamp down’ in eating meat.

Philip Hammond, when he was Chancellor suggested, the cost of this little lot, could be in excess of One Trillion.

Who wins?

Vegans that’s who!

All these things, all this expenditure, and your grandparents and parents are suffering with low pensions, which barely gets them by each week, unless the have another source of financial income – the message to us reading this, save more.

What a cop out, how can families save more when the cost of living is through the roof?

The government spunk so much money, the money they give to Tory run Councils, gets spunked on hairbrained schemes, because they are trying to fill budget deficits through Austerity Measures and Central Government Cuts.

I don’t buy the whole Carbon Neutral thing, as you can probably tell – My view is, fix what we have closer to home, spend the money where its desperately needed, not because 7 people decided to protest outside Whitehall and cause a bit of scene.

This nonsense about banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars after 2030, not half past eight, the year 2030, is utterly ridiculous.

What everyone should do, is not buy a new car and get a new car in 2029 and run it into the ground out of protest – no different to those hopeless individuals protesting outside Whitehall.

The joke of that is, have you seen some of those people?

They push for these things, thinking and believing its fashionable at the time, like a new top which is dry clean only, then when it materialises, they can’t afford to maintain it.

Yet just another example of lack of focus and lack of understanding about the real issues, from ordinary people that should understand it.

There are charities out there, desperate for money and fundraising for money every single day of the year, for research and to help people and communities survive, in every sense of the word actually – they deserve huge credit and huge accolades for what they are doing and what they are achieving.

They impact so many lives through their constant hard work and I don’t just mean fundraising, I mean the research they undertake and the things they develop to save lives – it’s incredible.

Why are they not supported more, from the Government, is what I mean – I don’t know they aren’t, factually, but if they were, why are they still canvassing for more and more money?

Its quite possible that most people reading this, haven’t seen the Seaspiracy Documentary on the Flix, but for some, that would be an interesting watch, specifically around the elements of the show which detail plastic in the ocean.

It claims the Ocean will be empty come 2048 through over fishing and that plastic in our oceans where mainly fisherman and discarded nets contributed to forty-six percent, while 0.03 percent came from plastic straws – to be clear, a lot of the data in that program has been fact check since and it’s clear that some of the data, specifically, would relate to fish stocks(I don’t mean Knorr) not re-populating and increasing.

It’s a very thought-provoking documentary without doubt and for me, how accurate some of the data is or isn’t, it begs questions as to what the actual problems are in our oceans.

So, are we fighting the wrong battles, rather like tackling a toddler, everyone always tells you to pick your battles wisely?

Schools are very conscious of the facts and the environment now and they have introduced lessons around the impact and choices we make have on the environment.

That irritates me, just slightly – whilst the reason may be seen to be the right thing, but what does that actually teach our kids?

Does it teach them that their bread plate is on the left? For me, that’s more beneficial than teaching kids the wrongs and rights about recycling!

You know the other one that irritates me about schools? The lunchbox police!

Who are these lot?

Maureen! Some old sort with a cough and a cloth cap, who smokes eighty fags a day, reports your kids for having too many sugary things in their lunchbox for their lunch.

Are you kidding me? Have we actually allowed that to happen? As parents I mean.

What qualifies them, (the school) to start telling us, as parents what we should or shouldn’t be feeding our children?

First off, do they realise how much fruit costs?

There are families that probably can’t afford to buy huge quantities of fruit each week, for whatever reason, but that’s not for Maureen the dinner lady to be telling the headteacher what they think.

I went up the school once, because my son had a school lunch when he was in reception class, which was pre-ordered, and when he went in for lunch, Maureen had given his lunch away so he had to eat something he wasn’t a fan of – a crusty baguette.

Now, for a four-year-old to chew through a crusty baguette, it is like watching a pensioner eat a crusty baguette without their teeth falling out!!

They told him that he had to eat it and he wasn’t allowed out to play until he had eaten more of it – you know what he did? He chucked it!!

No, I don’t agree with his actions and he can’t just do that, but equally how out of order is that in the sense that he gets made to sit and eat something he clearly disliked?

To be fair though, he does have a point, so tell me why, that despite how difficult life is, not matter how wealthy you are or how poor you are, why are we being dictated to about what we can and can’t eat? Why are we being taxed for eating or drinking to much sugar?

Listen, I choose not to shave every day, but what does that have to do with anyone else quite frankly, so why are being told that we can’t eat this, or we shouldn’t eat that?

You see what I mean? These people are far too busy for my liking and they need to focus on pressing matters and yet again, I don’t mean busy cutting their lawn.

This goes back to an earlier post I wrote about supermarkets and if you drove an Astra, the likelihood you will eat meals full in nutritional value is far smaller than if you drive a three lettered car with lengthy warranty, whilst owning the road, or thinking you do.

If you are Scott and Kelly, you just eat pulses all week and overload on chicken, with the occasional night out at the two for one pub!

Life is difficult enough, parents battle with work commitments(well Philippa doesn’t), getting their children sorted, maintaining a budget and ensuring their children and their family have what they need.

And what happens?

Along comes Neil from Public Health England with some nifty little advice about draining the last bit of enjoyment anyone has in their little existence, by telling them not to eat this or we need to eat that!

Do one, Neil, you busy little know all!

To be clear, I am not saying that we shouldn’t eat properly, or eat things in moderation or even drink in moderation, but that’s up to us, not up to Neil and his Colleagues in Public Health.

Look at Boris, do you reckon he doesn’t have any butter on his toast?

We are talking about someone that can’t even get a proper haircut, let alone avoid eating saturated fat!

I train and run about fifteen miles a week, I eat reasonably well most of the time, but just because some little Herbert that went to OxBridge tells me not to eat Pork Chops with Creamed Spinach, doesn’t mean I am going to take that advice.

It wouldn’t surprise if that’s why people are so uptight – just because we are so mindful and conscious that we need to be doing the right things and not becoming obese and suffering underlying health conditions.

Certain people are taking away choices that we should be allowed to make – yes put your health warnings out there, warn people, but don’t make it more expensive or refuse to help people that need it the most.

Is it any wonder that we are fixated with Reality TV Shows and being vane beyond belief?

Let’s get money pumped into people, into communities, the young and the old, not just pumping money into vanity exercises and to be seen to be doing the right things in front of other countries.

Those are accustomed to living that lifestyle, so why are we trying to force our people to be something they are not?

Listen as blunt as this will sound on paper, and maybe as simplistic as this will sound too(I am probably looking at it with a bit of a light touch perspective)when we are putting our energies into protesting and wreaking havoc about 0.03 percent of plastic straws being in the Pacific Ocean and consequently my carboard straw lasting all of about three seconds, we are allowing the decision makers, the politicians, the Senior Stakeholders and Stakeholders to make our decisions for us.

Whilst our Grandparents and Parents struggle on a pension or living wage, whilst others pay ten grand to get to London every day, just for work, to then get held up by another protest about something that will make no difference, because it’s too late.

Reality TV

Just before I get right in to one, I think it maybe prudent to ask some questions and possibly advise people to have a word

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