Premier League Review – Matchday One

Right, first off, this one may be slightly longer than initially discussed with my Marketing and Communications Manager, but I wanted to get the point across on my first review and be able to set the scene adequately.

Each week, I am aiming to give Observant Alternative View of the weekends Premier League, in the form of a satirical review in part of course.

I am going to give some awards out each week too for.

Worst Team – Arsenal

Best team – Brentford

Villain of the Week – Ederson for costing Man City a point

Hero of the Week – Thomas Frank, for the gesture he made for the young Brentford Fan

So here we go…comments welcome!

First off, very continental that, isn’t it – Matchday One, I mean? Serie A used it on Gazetta on Channel Four first off or that was most people’s recollection of it at least.

Given that was the best football review and preview programme ever, it had to get a mention, and something taken from it.

It could never be replicated either – the drivel that propaganda TV serve up, called Football Focus, couldn’t even match it.

No better than watching James Richardson present the show in a Café with some breakfast and coffee adorning the table – not Kwik-Save carrier bag insight.

So, Friday, Premier League newcomers, Brentford, played Arsenal, which was always going to be difficult or should have been had The Gooners turned up, which they didn’t of course.

I don’t want to write about Arsenal, they don’t deserve anything following that performance.

Brentford were fantastic, absolutely brilliant from the first second, Arsenal didn’t have a second to think and their legs went, you could see them visibly go!

So, what a start to their life in the Premier League for Brentford!

Leeds endured a torrid afternoon in Manchester(unfortunately), but looked to be in the game for fifty odd minutes and collapsed thereafter. Man Utd, look dangerous and may pose a threat this season. Leeds will do okay judging by the first-half performance.

Over at the Cement, Glass and Nail eating Burnley, they started poorly yet again, which is a shame, because Sean Dyche is such an honest character and a ‘must have’ in the Premier League, a bit like what Marks and Spencer is for Sue and Brian.

Graham Potter is clearly such a nice man as well, you can just tell, but he is a such a great manager and Brighton played such good football in this game, they deserved the three points.

Down in wealthy SW6, Tuchal, got the result they deserved against a really poor Palace side who had as much threat as a team of Palace Servants, despite being odd looking. PV got his work cut out there by the look of this performance, with just a singular shot on the onion bag and followed-up with Viera suggesting they need to forget the game and move on!

Rafa, Rafael, Rafa, Rafael, Rafa, Rafael Benitez – good start by the one once Jose described as the ‘fat Spanish waiter’!

Southampton are in trouble this season following the sale of Ingsy to Aston Villa in my opinion.

Everton won’t get near the top four but wouldn’t surprise me if they had a cup run.

I’ll tell you who will get near the top four – Leicester City.

In BR, not Basic Rate Tax, but Brendan Rodgers, they have the manager England should have. As he would put it, they have some great technicians and some wonderful characters all over the pitch.

Wolves, however, they are in transition and that wasn’t evident following the result on Saturday – they just didn’t take their chances which cost them. The young lad at right back, Ki Jana Hoever, is a great player and he will go on to big things – mark my words.

Down at Watford game, they couldn’t have asked for a better start against Villa – great result for Watford, but a poor defeat for Smiffy and his players.

They have brought in some quality this season following Grealish lining his pockets going to City – must be something about players turning their back on the team that gave them a football education to sign for Man City.

Who else did that I wonder?

So, the final game of the day Saturday, was in Norfolk where Liverpool visited Carrow Road.

Liverpool where slow and laboured for twenty minutes and the ridiculously high line as reappeared with Big Virg back in the fold. However, they clearly re-evaluated themselves with twenty odd minutes to go in the first half and were substantially better in the second half.

It was clear following the second half goal from Bobby F, someone in the Liverpool Fans dropped their blusher, because a red powdery mist appeared at one stage, much to the annoyance of the local Police and Stadium Manager.

My Little Brother and Dad support West Ham, so I don’t wish to speak about game, for fear of creating egotistical behaviour from the pair of them!

No, seriously, Moyes has done a great job there and they were tremendous against Newcastle, or was it that Newcastle are so poor, I am not sure which one to be honest.

Newcastle will clearly survive, but they need a goal scorer, not Joelinton.

Finally, Spuds and Man City played Sunday afternoon – City got done, properly, so fair play to Nuno and the Spuds players, they deserve great credit.

Man City were shocking, still reliant upon possession based football – they can’t adapt and were out thought by Nuno, well out thought in fact.

However, take nothing away from Sonny’s strike, he hit it well, but Ederson, as per, when needed to make a save, doesn’t and has a mare!

Sterling failed to continue his England form from the summer – but nobody should be surprised frankly.

Spuds handling of the Kane saga has been poor of late, and in fact Mr Role Model himself hasn’t really covered himself in glory, has he?

So anyway, a ‘normal’ Premier League Season is off an running, some shocks, or one shock at least on opening weekend, with some good quality on show and a really nice touch from Thomas Frank.

Roll on next Matchday Two!

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