The beginning…

Do what? Written a blog before?! Nah mate, first time ever! WOW..what an adventure to start now he said, and to be completely fair, I don’t disagree!!

For precisely three weeks, I have sat here and pondered, and quite frankly, dithered at times in putting pen to paper – actually, I can’t stand ditherers either!


They just annoy me and they turn up and appear everywhere, it’s like they are a different breed. The worst ones are when you are trying to get out the house quickly in the morning, or when you’re late for something that had been pre-arranged, but hadn’t been pre-arranged with me in the first place!!

Anyway, I had the theory in my head that I fancied a bit of change, and not my wife just to add, but that I wanted to write and blog. I even knew what I to blog and write about as well.

I haven’t even told anyone, that I wanted to do this either – which is a little bizarre in itself!

So, off I went and called my little brother, who happens to be a bit of a whizz at all things technological and all the IT stuff! I mean, anyway, what the hell is IT?

‘Hi my name is Marc, with a C and I work in IT’ – oh bore off mate will ya!!

After a couple of exchanges, namely Whatsapp, we came up with the finished version, or as my little brother says ‘the launch version’!

This ‘LAUNCH’ – I have this idea or brand, OBSERVANT ALTERNATIVE. What on earth does that mean? I got you, don’t worry, please stick with me, just until the end!

Have a look around you, wherever you are right now – you may look at people next to you and think ‘why are you wearing that flavoured shirt, with that favoured tie mate’, or, are you a complete moron for reading that newspaper, but yet you have just walked in Waitrose thinking your excrement doesn’t stink – I know I certainly do. Alternatively, have a think, just for a second, about what that means – it means that everyone around us has an opinion on something, whether it be right, wrong or indifferent.

Yeah sure there are plenty of those opinions about, plenty I agree with and plenty I don’t, no matter what the subject or the situation, from the news, to everyday little bug-bares that we all have – including the Waitrose shoppers that buy rag top newspapers!!

There is so much opinion out there, particularly at the minute as we would all agree – I have never seen such a division in my lifetime or a differing of opinion, including Boris’ wife!

Before I go on, lets just pop over to ‘Tara on Facebook to provide an update on the governments COVID – three hundred and forty two Vaccination Policy!!

That may strike a chord with some, I get that, but you know who you are and I am not in any way offended! However, that’s not the blend I am trying for here with this blog, the OBSERVANT ALTERNATIVE, it is that exactly, just an alternative.

What is that anyway? ‘BLEND’? A stupid buzz word used by those that would rather use 8 words, when two will do the job nicely – but I won’t start on those people, or not yet anyway at least.

Oh go on then, just a line or two – but you know the sort!? WORDS, WORDS and more BUZZ words! It’s just words that mean nothing different than the standard word, just a bit more difficult to say, but unfortunately buzz word users, it’s only you that sounds moronic! More on those later…

Anyway, thank you, but back on point, sorry people!

This blog – should it be controversial? Yes to an extent, but factual and not offensive of course, but it should strike a chord!! Should it be full of humour and wit? But observant wit? Yes 100 percent. What about my humble little opinion? Oh yes, that’s a dead cert for me, but also thought provoking. The ability for you to air your grievances and opinions? Yes I think that’s a ‘critical component’ (not just ‘without question’), just for those buzz word users that one.

So, it brings me on quite nicely to subject matter, which is an interesting one in my opinion alternative opinion – it’s a fifty quid question that.

Politics? Erm, yes..specifically, Boris and his dog, but not forgetting his wife.

Sport? Again a massive yes, particularly the state of this country and who runs our sport – ferret’s in blazers!

What about home life and work life? Everyone has fable to tell about home life and work life or daily life, surely?

I also know, that most people aren’t interested in me or why I chose to do this, or talk about certain things in the way I do, but listen – there is lot in the world that is going on right now and that won’t change, I just wanted to provide an alternative view and commentary. Also, for you the readers to comment on and be involved in – nothing radical.

So here is a little about me, just a little..

I have aged well, I am grey and fully bearded, nearly 40, I have a son in junior school and I have been married for 10, almost – she is so lucky.

We have a dog called Gary, a cocker spaniel who is more annoying than losing a golf ball, when you know it ‘came out of the middle’ and he stinks as much as one that doesn’t ‘come out of the middle’. I am pretty certain Carrie’s doesn’t stink.

I have worked in the public sector for over 15 years in one way or another, it is insanely dull, predictable and skint (more on that later).

Me personally, I can’t describe myself, I don’t do self-projection very well (Buzz Word People you would say, articulately or articulate). I don’t know whether I am miserable actually. My son sometimes calls me Victor, that’s not a joke, although he thinks that’s funny, but clearly someone has taught him that!

Sometimes I just get up and moan for moaning’s sake actually and I can admit – my wife actually says to me ‘oh look, it’s Saturday and your miserable as per’.

It’s now commonly known as my ‘SATURDAY HEAD’!

Sundays are the pits, I cannot abide them in any shape or form – it’s that dim realisation that the following day is Monday and the end of any normality after a weekend.

I mean, what is normality? Is the new normal now just work to be able to live? If that’s the case and it clearly is, what a boring existence to have in my opinion!

Get to the office after your morning commute, (mine is now just 15 seconds across the landing to my home office, but it’s still a commute in my eyes) to deal with the utter morons that exist in most work places or most jobs – there is always one… or a few!!

Cheerful aren’t I? How about this little anecdote – Friday’s is two days closer to Monday!!


Anyway, I am sorry I went off there a little, back with the blog now.

I love to write, I love to take the proverbial out of situations and people.

I love an opinion or an observant bit of ‘banter’ which you will get loads reading my blog.

In fact, I have enjoyed writing this first piece on annual leave whilst sitting in the sunshine wondering whether I am hitting the snooze button or hitting the right chord for people.

I do wonder whether Boris has the same issues. By that I mean Rishi playing Grime Music at full blast on a Tuesday at Midday, like he is a plastic gangster on Council Estate whilst drinking amber nectar! What do you reckon? That’s what is happening right here and right now, but without the council estate!!

So, here it is, my first full and proper blog, with ‘Socials’ to follow in due course.

Social Media, or the Socials as there are commonly known – I have never involved myself in it actually, for several reasons really – I didn’t fancy a break-in at my home whilst I was on holiday, come on, you know who you are those of you taking photos and posting them when you are away – how ridiculous!

Do you know what, I worked with someone about 8 years ago that keenly announced she was going away just before Christmas, and had posted a picture of her Christmas tree and wrapped presents on Facey B!! What a completely stupid thing to do – why would anyone do that?!

I told her as well how stupid it was, she called me a naughty horrible word and stormed out – pathetic individual.

The other reason, is simply because being nosey is a prerequisite of being in my Mother’s family – I didn’t really want my Nan knowing what sort of drunken messes I got into, or if I was that rough, I couldn’t go to work the following day and called in sick!!

Other than that, not sure how I feel really, just full of anticipation for when it finally goes out in to the big wide world, or alternatively the web.

Next blog post on its way too, so keep a little eye out for that one, because I hope this will be an epic read and little bit of a light hearted read to say the least!

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