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Hotel Society

Do you know what, one the greatest and funniest TV programmes on the propaganda channel, was Fawlty Towers –it was astonishingly intelligently produced and side-splitting


Holidays – Part 2

Following my part one escapade around the good old Great British Holiday, I have written a further instalment on the big and topical subject of


Uk Holidays

Someone asked me to write something about holidays and to give me honest opinion, specifically on some of the behaviours that exist on holidays. Truthfully,


Mugged off….

So far in the short journey of the Observant Alternative, we may have touched one or two little nerves with some of the content we


School Run Mentalists….

Your all think at this point, what is he on about now? I am just pointing out some simple theories and alternatives some of you


Supermarket Snobbery…

Right, so, my most recent blog covered of my views and opinions around the contentious, dividing subject of eating out. Given that blog and its



Eat Out, just to say you have been out…. Interesting one this, I mean people’s perception of having a drink and a quality bite to